One of the most consolidated research committees at the International Sociological Association is Sociology of Education (RC04). This committee has fueled crucial debates on education, such as studies on the impact of globalization on educational systems, the impact of segregation and exclusion on education, educational funding, State and society´s responsibilities on education, among many others, and for this RC04 has often worked in collaboration with other ISA Research Committees, such as those of Social Movements, Science and Technology, Sociology of the Future, etc.
Each of the research groups of the International Sociological Association can carry out, among the World Congresses, a mid term conference to enrich the exchanges among professionals in their area of specialization; participate in the International Forum of the Association, organized by the Vice-Presidency of Research and, of course, make part of the organization of ISA International Congresses, which are held every 4 years in different parts of the world. In recent years, RC 04 has organized and participated in ISA events in Barcelona, Crete, Buenos Aires, Taiwan and Vienna. The Chairman of the Committee, Dr. Gary Dworkin, has proposed Mexican colleagues Raquel Sosa Elízaga and Anita Hirsch to hold the conference this year, before the World Congress that will take place in Toronto, Canada.